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Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Many companies offer shareholders the opportunity to purchase new shares with their dividend payments, rather than take it as cash. This scheme is called a dividend reinvestment plan. The Dividend Reinvestment Plans website is a great resource with a useful DRP search function.

The principal benefit is that additional shares purchased through the plan are usually available at a discount. One of the main advantages of dividend reinvestment plans or DRPs is that the shares are usually offered at a discount to the recent market price. This discount normally works out between two to five percent but can be as much as ten percent.

Another plus is that shareholders don’t have to pay brokerage when reinvesting their dividends. This is great as you can build up your stake in the company at no additional cost.

As an example, say you owned 500 shares in a company which recently paid a final dividend of $1.00 cents per share. The shares are valued at $50 each and are offered at a five percent discount in the dividend reinvestment plan. So you could take $500 in cash, or you could increase yourholding in the stock by 10 shares (The dividend payment of $500 divided by the discount price of $47.50). The next time the company pays a dividend, you will receive an additional 10 units of that dividend (taking your total dividend allotments to 510), further increasing your stake in the share and indirectly forcing you to save.

The downside however is that you need to be careful with your records, so that you can quickly calculate capital gains tax when your shares are eventually sold.  You should also consider whether you want to increase your stake in the company. It may be over priced, or you expect it to underperform. In which case you may be better off taking the cash and investing it elsewhere.

It is important to consider your own situation when deciding whether or not to participate in a dividend reinvestment plan. If you are not going to notice the dividend payment, or are likely to spend the cash, then dividend reinvestment plans can be a great way to purchase discount shares, save on brokerage and force you to save. However if the cost of record keeping on all your reinvestments is going to be prohibitive, or you could invest the dividend better in another share, then perhaps you should avoid reinvesting. At the end of the day, a dividend reinvestment plan is a discount method of buying more shares.

Australian Companies Participating in Dividend Reinvestment Plans

The following companies allow shareholders to join a scheme which automatically reinvests part or all of each cash dividend and/or interest payment as a subscription for new shares in the capital of the company: 
ASX     Code Company Name
ABP Abacus Prop Grp stp
ALR Aberdeen Leaders
ABC Adelaide Brighton
ADG Adtrans Grp
AVE Aevum Ltd
AGK AGL Energy Ltd
AGJ Agricultural Land unt
AIZ AIR New Zealand  nz
LEP ALE Prop Grp stp
ALS Alesco Corp
ABQ Allied Brands Ltd
AHD Amalgamated Hldgs
AMH Amcil Ltd
AMC Amcor Ltd
AEC Ammtec Ltd
AGF AMP Cap China unt
AGP Anglo Pacific Grp
ANZ ANZ Banking Grp
APA APA Grp stp
APN APN News & Media
AAD Ardent Leisure stp
ARG Argo Investments
ALL Aristocrat Leisure
AUF Asian Masters Fund
AKF ASK Funding Ltd
AIA Auckland Int'l  nz
AIB Aurora Global Tr unt
AUP Aurora Prop unt
ABW Aurora B-W ord unt
AOD Aurora Sand. unt
AQF AUS Gov Index Fund
ASL Ausdrill Ltd
AAX Ausenco Ltd
AUB Austbrokers Hldgs
AYF Aust Enhanced unt
AFI Aust Foundat.
ALF Aust Leaders
AUI Aust United In
AXA AXA Asia Pacific
BOQ Bank Of Queensland.
BPT Beach Energy Ltd
BEN Bendigo & Adelaide
BEL Bentley Capital Ltd
BBG Billabong
BKI BKI Investment Ltd
BKL Blackmores Ltd
BLD Boral Ltd.
BKN Bradken Ltd
BXB Brambles Ltd
BWP Bunnings Warehse unt
CDM Cadence Capital
CPB Campbell Brothers
CDD Cardno Ltd
CWP Cedar Woods Prop.
CEY Centennial Coal
CFX CFS Retail Prop unt
CDI Challenger Div.Pro. stp
CWT Challenger Wine unt
CHC Charter Hall Grp forus
CNB Canberra Investment
CAM Clime Capital
CCL Coca-Cola Amatil
COF Coffey Int'l
CBA C'wealth Bank
CEU Connecteast  stp
CTN Contango Microcap
CYG Coventry Grp
CRG Crane Grp Ltd
CCP Credit Corp Grp
DJS David Jones Ltd
DXS Dexus Prop Grp stp
DGX Diploma Grp Ltd
DUI Diversified United
DJW Djerriwarrh
DOM Dominion Mining
DOW Downer Edi Ltd
DUE Duet Grp forus
EAL E & A Ltd
ENE Energy Develop
ENV Envestra Ltd
EGL Environmental Grp
EQT Equity Trustees
FFI F.F.I. Hldgs
FPH F&P Hlth  nz
FKP FKP Prop Grp stp
FWD Fleetwood Corp
FBU Fletcher Building
FGL Foster's Grp
GUD G.U.D. Hldgs
GCS Global Construction
GRF Global Resource
GFF Goodman Fielder.
GOW Gowing Bros. Ltd
GCG Greencap Ltd
GPG Guinness Peat  cdi
GNS Gunns Ltd
GWT GWA International
HSN Hansen Tech
HST Hastie Grp Ltd
HDF Hastings Divers stp
HHY Hastings High Yld 
HSP Healthscope Ltd
HIL Hills Industries Ltd
HHL Hunter Hall Inter.
HIP Hyperion Flagship
IPL Incitec Pivot
IDL Industrea Ltd
IAG Insurance Australia
IAW Integrated Legal
IVC Invocare Ltd
ISF Isoft Grp Ltd
KSC K & S Corp
KAT Katana Capital
KIL KFM Diversn Inf. unt
KCN Kingsgate Cons.
LLC Lend Lease Grp stp
LAU Lindsay Australia
LDW Ludowici Ltd
MTU M2 Telecommun.
MIF Macarthurcook Ind
MQG Macq Grp Ltd
MAP MAp Grp forus
MXI Maxitrans Indust
MLB Melbourne It Ltd
MRM Mermaid Marine
MES Mesbon China Nylon
MIR Mirrabooka Invest.
MCU Mitchell Comm.
MNY Money3 Corp
NAB National Aust. Bank
NTC Netcomm Ltd.
NZO NZ Oil & Gas  nz
NCM Newcrest Mining
NWS News Corp b voting
NOD Nomad Building
NQM North Queensland
NPX Nuplex Ind  nz
OAK Oaks Hotels&Resort
OSH OIL Search Ltd
OST Onesteel Ltd
ORI Orica Ltd
ORG Origin Energy
OFG Over Fifty Grp
PPC Peet Ltd
PPT Perpetual Ltd
PLB Plan B Grp Hld
PMC Platinum Capital Ltd
PMV Premier Investments
PRV Premium Investors
PRY Primary Health Care
PBP Probiotec Ltd
PRG Programmed
PPG Pro-Pac Packaging
QBE QBE Insurance Grp
RHC Ramsay Hlth Care
RCR RCR Tomlinson
RDF Redflex Hldgs
RFG Retail Food Grp
RIO Rio Tinto Ltd
ROK Rock  Building perm.
RPX RP Data Ltd
SAI SAI Global Ltd
STO Santos Ltd
SCC Scott Corp.
SDM Sedgman Ltd
SHV Select Harvests
SIP Sigma Pharmac
SIV Silver Chef Ltd
SGM Sims Metal Mgmt
SKE Skilled Grp Ltd
SPN SP Ausnet stp
SKI Spark Infrastruc stp
STW SPDR 200 etf unt
SFY SPDR 50 etf unt
SPT Spotless Grp Ltd
STE Stratatel Ltd
SUN Suncorp-Metway.
SUL Super Cheap Auto 
SNL Supply Network
SYL Sylvastate Ltd.
TAH Tabcorp Hldgs Ltd
TAG TAG Pacific Ltd
TGR Tassal Grp Ltd
TTS Tatts Grp Ltd
TEL Telecom Corp  nz
TFC TFS Corp Ltd
THO Thomas & Coffey
TBI Thomas Bryson Int
TOL Toll Hldgs Ltd
TAL Tower Australia
TWR Tower Ltd  nz
TPM TPG Telecom Ltd
TSI Transfield Serv Inf stp
TSE Transfield Services
TCL Transurban Grp stp
TBG Tutt Bryant Grp
UOS United O'seas Aust
VBP Van Eyk Blueprint unt
VTP Van Eyk Three Pillar
VGH Vision Grp Hldgs
VAS Vngd AU Shr etf unt
WAA WAM Active Ltd
WAM WAM Capital Ltd
WCB Warrnambool Cheese
WAT Waterco Ltd
WTP Watpac Ltd
WES Wesfarmers Ltd
WAN West Aust News
WDC Westfield Grp stp
WBC Westpac Banking 
WHF Whitefield Ltd
WBB Wide Bay Aust Ltd
WFL Willmott Forests
WIL Wilson Investment
WPL Woodside Petroleum
WOW Woolworths Ltd





CodeEx DateAmt
FMG22-May-19$ 0.6
GZL22-May-19$ 0.17
PDL23-May-19$ 0.2
CLF24-May-19$ 0.0525
CIE27-May-19$ 0.0106
ELD27-May-19$ 0.09
WHF27-May-19$ 0.1
CSR30-May-19$ 0.13
ORI30-May-19$ 0.22
PMV30-May-19$ 0.33
RHL30-May-19$ 0.1
NAC03-Jun-19$ 0.0135
NSC03-Jun-19$ 0.01
IPL04-Jun-19$ 0.013
KMD06-Jun-19$ 0.0329
CIM13-Jun-19$ 0.86
JYC17-Jun-19$ 0.017
DLX21-Jun-19$ 0.43
MSV27-Jun-19$ 0.001
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